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Wellness Center and Spa in Olbia: 2000 m2 dedicated on relaxation

The jewel of the Mercure Olbia, the elegant wellness center opens its doors to hotel guests and visitors, providing a space where to coexist with your well-being.

Relax your muscular tension and find your inner harmony, forget the daily stress and rely on our qualified staff who will offer you a wide range of massages, high quality facial and body treatments, manicures and pedicures.

Access to the spa is not allowed for children under 3 years old.

From Monday to Sunday from 08.00 to 21.30.


Immerse yourself in absolute relaxation with sounds, aromas and lights.
Swim into a sea of silence and let your mind and body gain new energies, by yourself or in company.
Taste the heat of the Finish Sauna or the purifying vapors of the Turkish Bath. With a temperature between 80°C and 50°C in the second, the detoxifying and purifying action is assured. Discover the Vitarium, a unique and unforgettable experience that will strengthen your immune system. Three combined treatments: aromatic, chromatic and musical.

Elevate your senses and fight accumulated stress and muscle tension with an herb bath. Therapeutic, relaxing and stimulating.
While in your journey enjoy every experience. Allow yourself to submerge in the cold-water pool, ideal for invigorate mind and body.
Emotional and Chromo-Therapeutic Showers: A fascinating experience where the properties of warm and cold water, combined with perfumes and oil essences, fuse into an aromatic cold mist and transform into a tropical rain; composing an unprecedented symphony of well-being.
Between experiences take a break in the relaxation area, sip a fragrant herbal tea while you relish and enjoy this moment of profound interior relaxation.
Complete your experience stimulating your blood circulation and your nervous system with the Kneipp plantar course. A continuous stream of alternating cold and warm water, a floor of river pebbles generates a natural plantar massage, and special nozzles allow water to exit at a pressure that helps to oxygenate the lower limbs.
End your journey immersing yourself in the hydrotherapy pool heated to 32°C, take advantage of the waterfalls to relax the cervical muscles and let yourself be pampered by the sound of water on the hydromassage loungers.

The Spa at Mercure Olbia has 8 reserved and cozy cabins where you can enjoy completely natural beauty treatments for your face and body in absolute privacy.

Let yourself be carried away by the expert hands of our therapists and enjoy moments of absolute well-being and relaxation.



A joyful explosion

The Fitness Area is surrounded by a familiar and welcoming environment.
An explosion of fun… the psychophysical well-being; the best way to spend your free time. A wide variety of sports and artistic activities. A large fitness area, every day at your complete disposal. The Fitness Area will always be able to satisfy your needs. The activities, proposed by a team of qualified instructors and of great professionalism, are created for all the ages, including the parents. While your daughters will be busy with dance classes, you, the father or mother, will be able to choose the course that is right for you or simply indulge in the pleasures of our Spa.

Everyone will be able to find the activity that best suits their needs, from total body to yoga courses, gymnastics, aerobics, dance classes and rhythmic gymnastics, or cardio with the latest Technogym technology. From cardio to isotonic to sculpt and shape a perfect body!


So that parents can also enjoy a moment of relaxation without having to give up their well-being and fitness activities we have created a space dedicated to the little ones.
Your children will be able to play in a healthy and happy environment with our staff and participate in new sensory and cognitive experiences, even through the use of educational tools.
It is a paid service and advance reservation is required – you can contact the Spa & Fitness counter for more information.